“École de Technologie Supérieure”

Canada's 2nd biggest applied engineering university


Since its inception, the ETS university (École de technologie supérieure) has aimed to meet the needs of the canadian industry by training engineers in Montreal with not only excellent theoretical background but also practical knowledge. To further that goal, the university maintains many partnerships with the industrial business world, both with large companies and SMEs.

  • Whether in undergraduate or graduate studies, ETS study programs focus on applied learning and endow students with uniquely sought-after know-how, an attractive proposition for many entreprises and industries.
  • At ETS, teaching programs include more lab sessions and practical work than any other engineering program in Quebec.
  • Each year, ETS does business with more than 1,200 companies that offer internships to students and entrust professors with R&D mandates for various industrial applications.

Clients within ETS

Over the years, we have served a varied clientele, from various departments within ÉTS. For example, we have worked for the Pomerleau Research Chair and the sustainable construction engineering research group, the pedagogy department (inter-departmental), the General Education Department, the Sustainable Development Office, as well as for external organizations related to ÉTS.


In addition to general logistics support and consulting on various projects, we have been assigned to several creative and event management projects.

This is how we created the logos and websites for various groups within the ETS, designed and laid out annual reports and other marketing collaterals to engage with industrial partners or facilitate the holding of events, designed micro-sites for certain events, provided a event photography (via Atypica) as well as events planning, organization and on-site events logistics management, whether for the BIM workshops, the Journée de la pédagogie, or various conference envents for the construction industry in Quebec and internationally.

The attendance crowd at the "Journée de la pédagogie active", event we organized at ETS in Montreal, Canada
Examples of annual reports we have designed for ETS

At events, we not only produced posters, banners, program flyers, digital advertisements; We also took care of the registrations of participants, managed the various teams involved (such as the audiovisual department, security, caterers, etc.), and managed the logistics of transport and accommodation of international guest presenters.

Screenshot of the microsite we have created for the "When Social Science meets Lean & BIM" event in the United Kingdom
Example of an advertising poster produced for an event
Example of an advertising poster produced for an event
Panelists from a BIM event we hosted, including Sheryl Staub-French and Erik Poirier
Example of a mind map where we established the links and synergies between the research subjects of different professors
Web design for a research group
We also provided logistics management and planning for multi-purpose collaborative work spaces. At the customer’s request, we planned and supervised the renovation work to improve lighting, remove old dilapidated equipment (which we replaced with new, more suitable multimedia equipment), rethought the layout and usecases of the shared spaces’ furniture with adaptability in mind, decluttered workspaces, and redesigned a research group’s knowledge management & digital data infrastructures.

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