We channel your ambition as a competitive advantage.

You have a great product or service, but you still struggle to establish credibility or gain traction in the market? Do you feel like something is missing and struggle to convey the essence of your business to your prospects? Those might be signs that your branding and differentiation it the market are suboptimal, lowering your chances of attracting “ideal clients” and closing sales with more confidence.

We bring a methodical approach to design thinking, and bridge the creative aspect of branding with fundamental socio-cognitive principles of psychology to provide you with unique results, tailored to your business.

idéemarque is your brand-fixing agency.

idéemarque is a boutique, no-nonsense special forces outfit located on the mythical (is)land of Montréal, Canada. We create lasting and impactful business identities for clients all around the world, and help them structure and develop their branding. And when we’re not buried under 4ft of snow, we plant trees or provide meaningful contributions to open source software.

These are the kinds of things we can do for you: naming (creation, research, registration, etc.), slogans & taglines, logo research & design, audiovisual and emotional branding, customer experience design, corporate interior design and architecture for workspaces and points of service, etc. This is the essence of what we call idéemarque True Branding, and we’ve been doing that since 2004. There are a couple more things we do too. See our branding services page.

Not looking for branding services?

If, on the other hand, your brand management is already top notch and you’re simply looking to express it through cinematography and photography, then have a look at the Atypica collective instead to create engaging marketing videos.

Helping mission-driven entrepreneurs and entreprises express their “je ne sais quoi” since 2004.

We’re proud to have served a diverse ecosystem of brands—from new challengers to established global brands—over the years, helping them succeed through all sorts of business challenges.
(Here are some of them.)

Lemay logo
Wikimedia Canada logo
Statistics Canada logo

An online solution for traditional role-playing gaming

The 2nd biggest engineering university in Canada

A platform for NGOs & social change

The GNOME Foundation's annual reports

idéemarque has been helping my multiple businesses for well over two decades. Jeff, in particular, has a keen eye, a sharp business sense and a gift with words. He will help your business in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

CEO, Tabib consulting & others

If you overlook or under-estimate idéemarque, you are fooling yourself.

They are so multi-talented, it’s unbelievable! idéemarque will keep surprising you with their design expertise, business smarts, and humanity. Get in there fast, before your competition wakes up and hires them.

Myriam Jessier & Augustin Delporte

Co-founders, Pragm

Finding a name is a crucial and delicate endeavor, since it is also a way of defining the DNA of an organization. idéemarque was able to support and accompany us throughout this process, with openness, creative brilliance and flawless professionalism, which proved to be reassuring, constructive… and a lot of fun!

Joël Nadeau

Co-founder, Projet collectif

idéemarque tackles the most elaborate challenges with rigor, method, and commitment. A precious ally to any company to stand out in the crowded market. I would recommend Jeff without hesitation!
Florian Schmitt

E-Commerce director, ERA Consulting Group

Big ideas have small beginnings.

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